Our Team


Our founders, Ryan, Andrew, and Brandon, found SPPHR LLC in 2017 in order to innovate and disrupt the electric vehicle market with a remoteless E-board solution (sapphireboards.com). Not long after releasing this product, they pinpointed the backpack industry as another field in desperate need of innovation. Since the founding of the the modern-day backpack, few brands have offered innovation beyond reorganizing the storage and exterior looks. SPPHR LLC believed that a backpack made in the year 2020 needed to do much more than simply carry your things. We also noticed another market with hole right in the middle of it; power banks. Small power banks are ubiquitous nowadays, offer very little charge, and are poor quality products. On the other hand, large power banks with a substantial enough amount of power to run midsize electronics (laptops, drones, projectors, speakers, etc.) are the size of car batteries and can weight 15-20 lbs. The market was begging for a solution that was high power, high utility, yet lightweight, and easy to implement, and thus a Smart Bag was born!

SPPHR LLC's products can now be found in all 6 inhabited continents. As SPPHR LLC continues to expand into global markets, their original mission remains true: "At SPPHR, we believe in understated design with exceptional capabilities to create practical and impactful solutions for an evolving society."